The team

BetterBeGuest is a startup led by three shareholding partners, in love with travels, and culture exchanges.

We all have the greatest admiration for Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese capacity to welcome tourists.

We think that Paris should raise up to Japan hospitality standards and we have decided to bring our contribution to that project.

We have created BetterBeGuest to accomplish this objective.

Vincent Escoffier

Vincent Escoffier


  • 20 years long career in strategy and organization consulting (PWC, BearingPoint, Capgemini consulting)
  • Participation to startup and daughter company set up in executive position (Convergence, POWEO, Vattenfall France, Force Hydro, ENEA...)
Vincent Escoffier

Jérôme Altounian


  • 12 years long career in Business Development
  • Marketing specialist
  • Knowledge of Japanese network in Paris
  • Experience in touristic offers development for foreigner tourists in France
Vincent Escoffier

Alexandre Morin


  • Numerous experiences in Web design and development
  • Team management
  • Knowledge of IT systems dedicated to start up

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