BetterBeGuest is here to ensure your travel security

Prepare your trip with your Paris-Tomo and avoid unpleasant surprises

Thanks to his/her insider advice, always select the right places and the right moment.

Where to stay, to visit, to shop, to eat? What is the best day, the best moment for each activity?

Discuss those questions with your Paris-Tomo: he/she will indicate you the best places according to your taste, he/she will avoid you commercial traps and unpleasant places.

From the very beginning, you secure your trip and avoid the risks.

Meet your Paris-Tomo and avoid struggles

Let him/her help you to acquire the last and essential tricks which will make your Parisian stay simple and secure: transportation cards, smartphone applications, no queuing tickets, taxi references...

Let him/her guide you through Paris: he/she will take you to the bests places, at the best moment, via the safest ways.

Once on site, no struggle, no bad plan... Only pleasure.

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to a dedicated hotline

Still, if any problem occurs, you have a dedicated number to call.

A Japanese speaking member of BetterBeGuest is here to answer your questions and help you solve your problems during your stay.

He/she knows the tricks and the best ways to solve the problems with minimum time and minimum annoyance, let him/her handle it for you.

If something wrong happens, forget it and let us manage.

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