BetterBeGuest is here to make your trip friendly

Discover someone and build a friendship

Even before your trip, you'll chat and skype with your Paris-Tomo.

You will learn to know each other and the trip you will design will be a product of this personal connection.

You will find out that this is more rewarding than preparing a trip thanks to books or websites... and the outcome is much more accurate.

Meet your friend

When you arrive in France, you are no longer a tourist.

You are a guest, invited by a Parisian friend.

Your trip is not only about visiting Paris, it is about visiting a friend.

Your Paris-Tomo will take care of you and make sure you will make the best of your trip.

Build a friendship

Your Paris-Tomo will make you discover "his/her" Paris.

You will share experiences and passions.

When you come back to Japan, you will have not only travel souvenirs, but the experience of Parisian life and most of all, a friendship to be continued.

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